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Simon Eardley (Churchwarden)

Simon was raised in Ince at the family farm on Kinsey's Lane and has worshipped within the Parish since he was a little boy! Both Simon's grandparents (variously from the 1950s onwards) served as Churchwarden for many years and his grandmother in particular quietly nurtured his faith when he was younger.  In the past he has been a 'Server' (someone who assists at Holy Communion), edited the former weekly pew sheet 'Sunday Links', helped ring one of the three church bells at St. James' for weddings and similar services and sang for a time in the Church choir.

Simon has been a member of the Ecumenical Church Council for a number of years and was asked to be acting Churchwarden last summer before being elected at the Annual Meeting in April 2017. He heads up the Building and Maintenance Committee which is responsible for the preservation, restoration and renovation of our ancient church building in Ince as well the Church Hall in Elton and also the Communications Team which seeks to increase the online presence of the our 'Church in the Villages.'

What is a Churchwarden?

A Churchwarden is elected by the congregation each year with a duty to represent the parishioners and work with the vicar to deliver the goals of the church community. They also ensure the church and churchyard are kept in good order.